Clayton Brookshire’s Creative Blasts

Lucy Holly on American art: hecklehammer was the first thing we all discussed, after Angelo. Clayton Brookshire is a multi-hyphenate artist-rocker-craftsman out of Athens, Ga. He had apparently introduced us, here at American Culture Reporter, to creative Angelo T. Robinson, of Senoia, Ga., and we featured Angelo’s visual art in an article by editor-in-chief Han… Continue reading Clayton Brookshire’s Creative Blasts

Pensacola Pioneer: Solja Secures the Bag

Pencacola Pioneer ~ Solja Da Money Man Secures the Bag: Han Vance recently caught up, damn pandemic-style, with emerging Florida Panhandle rapper Solja Da Money Man of Platinum Camp Records, on the heels of his hot new release debuting. Been a minute. How’s it going for you down there in Pensacola? Solja: You know, it’s… Continue reading Pensacola Pioneer: Solja Secures the Bag

Angelo’s Angles: ATR-Art for the Love of Color

HAN on American artists: Angelo T. Robinson creates from a sprawling home studio in Senoia, Ga. Around 30 miles outside Atlanta, he’s near enough to the city to use its energy and resources, yet far enough removed for tranquility. He describes himself as a self-taught creative, feeling that he can learn to do too many… Continue reading Angelo’s Angles: ATR-Art for the Love of Color