Pitter-pat Jazz:

“Pitter-pat Jazz” HV

Pitter-pat Jazz

Pitter-pat Jazz

It’s More Staccato That Way

I Heard Myself Say, Saying Today

The Artist In His Studio

Was What We’d Called

A Faux-Hawk Photo

My Stepfather Took

Right Before I Swooped Into

The City, Lights At Night

Feel Of The Air

(photo by: Jami Buck-Vance, circa 2009)

Deep South, United States Of America

Walking Ponce Or Peachtree, Like

World Be Free, Was The Name Of A Basketball Player

Who Was, You Know, Tuned In

This Is The Begin, Then

From Left To Right Across Your Radio Dial, Before:

Dawgs In Those Red Tops, Red Helmets And Silver Britches

Seeking Riches, Sun, Fun By The Gulf Then Atlantic Seashores

For Sure, June-July-August

In Summer