Born to Love: Artist Jeremy Brown Aspires

Jeremy Brown

Han Vance on Art:
Born to love, born to boom. Atlanta-based artist Jeremy Brown is poised to take the next step in an ever-blossoming art career. American Culture Reporter caught up with him at his successful pop-up show on the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail, bloomy spring 2021.

The King of Pop brothers were both on-hand for the Sunday session of the collab pop-up art event for JEREMY BROWN called WITH LOVE.

Our Saturday sneak preview turned Sunday deep dive after a bike ride over from the American Culture Reporter office, along the Atlanta BeltLine, photog LVictory with editor-in-chief Han Vance, we found Brown affable and introspective, brilliant and better than most.

The poptail we split, extra bourbon and berry concoction for me, more popsicle for her, set the mood swimmingly, to see some great art! Spring bring bling, LVictory said briefly of the work: “I like glitter,” as she shutter-clicked away at the pieces.

~ QUICK Q&A with HV ~

AmCulture: Were you born to love?

BROWN: We’re all born to love. Some of the other emotions are taught or learned. Love is built into us as part of our DNA.

AmCulture: Beautiful. Where did you grow up?

BROWN: I was born in South Africa. I spent 10 years in Australia, too, then I moved to Atlanta when I was 12. Been here ever since. I’ve got family here in the States, too. My parents are down in Ponte Vedra, Fla.

AmCulture: Did you go to art school?

BROWN: Did not. Definitely self-taught. Trial and error; continuing to find something you’re happy with. I have studied other artists and art history, but as my art progresses it becomes even more about originality, quality of materials and storytelling.

AmCulture: When did you begin getting repped by (gallerist) Yu-Kai Lin?

BROWN: He represents me locally in Atlanta at KAI LIN ART. We started working together in 2015. I definitely consider him family. He inspires me as an artist and me as a human being.

AmCulture: Great guy. I’ve known him well since he was on Peachtree Street and covered his gallery a few times for various media. He’s at the pulse of the Atlanta art scene. Speak to that scene, please.

BROWN: The Atlanta art scene is definitely growing. More good spaces, like this one, for artists to showcase their work. Artists from other cities moving to Atlanta.

AmCulture: And The ATL in general?

BROWN: It’s such a melting pot…as a whole, as things progress, people are coming together a little more. It’s a perfect variety of people and a collective of individuals.

AmCulture: What does the future hold for artist Jeremy Brown?

BROWN: As long as I can continue to create good work and keep getting better…

AmCulture: That’s an important fine point. Because a lot of people aren’t trying to better themselves.

BROWN: I feel the same about my life as I do art. I’m always driven to continue to grow.

AmCulture: Love it! …That’s very ATL.