#FAFATL On Fridays, free art is left around Atlanta for art fans to find and enjoy. Here is the extensive found Free Art collection of writer and Atlanta resident Han Vance: ~All photos by LVictory   Instagram: @hanishvance    

Cindy Cochran Creates

Han Vance on American Art, Family and Literature, with Photos by LVictory: My mom always wanted me to meet her artsy cousin, and I finally got to meet her in person in Marietta, Ga., recently, after we were regularly conversing social media friends across the country for a half-decade or so. I was far from… Continue reading Cindy Cochran Creates

Guess Who? StressGods Meds Ya

Han Vance on American music: Steve Ricks x Mo Haze collab coming to a screen or speakerbox near you, as the hot rap duo StressGods is set for their big breakout moment: Their teammate and merch dude Maceo DuBose, a fellow UGA alum of mine who my show “All College Report” was scouting for inclusion as… Continue reading Guess Who? StressGods Meds Ya

Clayton Brookshire’s Creative Blasts

Lucy Holly on American art: hecklehammer was the first thing we all discussed, after Angelo. Clayton Brookshire is a multi-hyphenate artist-rocker-craftsman out of Athens, Ga. He had apparently introduced us, here at American Culture Reporter, to creative Angelo T. Robinson, of Senoia, Ga., and we featured Angelo’s visual art in an article by editor-in-chief Han… Continue reading Clayton Brookshire’s Creative Blasts

Angelo’s Angles: ATR-Art for the Love of Color

HAN on American artists: Angelo T. Robinson creates from a sprawling home studio in Senoia, Ga. Around 30 miles outside Atlanta, he’s near enough to the city to use its energy and resources, yet far enough removed for tranquility. He describes himself as a self-taught creative, feeling that he can learn to do too many… Continue reading Angelo’s Angles: ATR-Art for the Love of Color

Future City Series: Atlanta ~ Center of the South

Future City Series Atlanta ~ Center of the South, by Han Vance: -EDITOR’S NOTE: I wrote this some years ago and several of the steps, like no smoking in restaurants and bars, have been implemented since. I’d love to see all of it play out, eventually, especially my idea to double-deck the Atlanta BeltLine. It’d… Continue reading Future City Series: Atlanta ~ Center of the South

Sacred Cashcow Cuts the Bull

Han Vance on American music: The United States of America more than any other place in the whole wide world deserves its artistic creation: PUNK. Uniquely American in origin and in earlier proto-punk pre-origins, those world conquerers who taxed their pretty planet to the point of exhaustion, the toothy Brits, only “borrowed” punk rock’s pure energy: Punk was… Continue reading Sacred Cashcow Cuts the Bull

Hail Neopsychedelia

AMERICAN CULTURE REPORTER (Han Vance, inside an Anish Kapoor piece at the HIGH Museum Atlanta)   On Music: All hail the psychedelic musical vibes still brewing in these United States of America, a nation who could desperately use a dose of counterculture as a break from all the bad news we continue to regularly make.… Continue reading Hail Neopsychedelia

America’s Finest City (SD)

Han Vance on San Diego: From the porch perched 18 stories atop the center of the central city, you can take the glass wall out and let the bay breeze in, see the Harbor and baseball stadium in the distance. Below though, at night is a sea of lights down 5th avenue, through the Gaslamp… Continue reading America’s Finest City (SD)