The Day Kurt Died

Han Vance on American music: I was working in a coffeehouse, the original such of the nationally so-called first-wave of indie coffeehouses in Athens, Ga., the day Kurt Cobain died: April 5th, 1994. I was in a bit of a malaise. Waiting around the town for my felt-like-a-very-long-time at the time on, then off for… Continue reading The Day Kurt Died

Pensacola Pioneer: Solja Secures the Bag

Pencacola Pioneer ~ Solja Da Money Man Secures the Bag: Han Vance recently caught up, damn pandemic-style, with emerging Florida Panhandle rapper Solja Da Money Man of Platinum Camp Records, on the heels of his hot new release debuting. Been a minute. How’s it going for you down there in Pensacola? Solja: You know, it’s… Continue reading Pensacola Pioneer: Solja Secures the Bag

Future City Series: JAX + ST MARYS

Future City Series: Jacksonville, Fla. + Saint Marys, Ga.  Han Vance on American cities: When you look at the tropical enticements of the Sunshine State from a national, or even more so, international reputation perspective, the Greater Metro Jacksonville Area is far from any topical forefront. Yet, on my most recent sojourn, of many, of… Continue reading Future City Series: JAX + ST MARYS