Clayton Brookshire’s Creative Blasts

Lucy Holly on American art: hecklehammer was the first thing we all discussed, after Angelo.

Clayton Brookshire is a multi-hyphenate artist-rocker-craftsman out of Athens, Ga. He had apparently introduced us, here at American Culture Reporter, to creative Angelo T. Robinson, of Senoia, Ga., and we featured Angelo’s visual art in an article by editor-in-chief Han Vance. Three multi-hyphenated cute creatives in one article if you count Vance (author-journalist-poet-blogger-editor), who is also a show host and even a streetwear fashion designer. It’s (almost) too much for a girl to keep up with, even as I deeply dig crazy cool creatives. Clayton Brookshire is so creative.

So, Mr. Vance had said in his piece that his friend Clayton, who used to go by Chaz, was formerly in the music act hecklehammer, which is a sharp name in all lowercase letters like that. Not so much on the Chaz, which is so 1980s. But, when we all had a COVID careful conference convo it turned out that he still kept the name, regardless of who he played with…or not. A few other townie types had come and gone, but Brookshire kept on rocking in the free world. He’s the heckle and the hammer now, I suppose. They’re on Bandcamp and YouTube but some sites won’t let Brookshire not capitalize hecklehammer.

That’s capitalism for you, I guess. I want one of his pretty two-piecers, like this;


Also, that’s a lit white sport coat.

Until next time, stay safe and try to be yourself. Clayton Brookshire surely will.