Guess Who? StressGods Meds Ya

Han Vance on American music: Steve Ricks x Mo Haze collab coming to a screen or speakerbox near you, as the hot rap duo StressGods is set for their big breakout moment:

Their teammate and merch dude Maceo DuBose, a fellow UGA alum of mine who my show “All College Report” was scouting for inclusion as a recurring or primary, first hipped me to StressGods. That show’s associate producer Heather C Cadillac cruised me over to meet them at Lens Head studios, across the river from the city in Cobb Co.

How Steve met Mo, yo: FIT. Get in where you fit in, tall talent Steve is a native of Long Island, and he and shorter in stature great flow Mo, who’s from greater Atlanta area, attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan NYC. It shows in their honed look, as their whole movement is well branded and clearly contrived-conscious cool.

Authenticity comes through in the music. They call themselves doctors, as they’ve been in the rap game long enough to have become physicians if they’d stayed in school, rapping together for a decade. They’ve mastered the craft.

They “prescribe” music-as-medicine to their patients [fans] and GUESS WHO: I’m now one of them. The track named in the bold I just busted is a better entry point than most of the stuff you see out there today. Let that one heal you up, then jump to the next. The doctors are in and ready to see you.

ALL PATIENTS ARE WELCOME, Mo said, telling me to go all-caps instead of quotation marks.

They hit their marks, while the cute kids waiting to be in the music video hit blunts and fatties and kicked a mini soccer ball. Heather C gave Maceo the nod to me for our college football and culture travel show, saying she needed to go soon: the Caddy was getting its brakes done that night. We had a quick cocktail first at nearby Doc’s – a venerable dive bar on HWY 41 that’s been around for 40+ years and also claims medication in nontrad forms, plus half a Reuben Reuben each, mine extra sauce.

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