Just the Warmup: KTXFITNESS Pumps!

Han Vance on KTXFITNESS: Not since Richard Simmons shook his moneymaker on TV in the golden days of my boyhood have I seen a fitness trainer with the unbridled energy of Keith, of KTXFITNESS. He pumps his stationary cycling class attendees into a fevered sweat, while viral videos of him dancing atop and provocatively beside these workout bikes are regularly viewed by millions, via direct shares from various social media, especially Facebook.

His catchphrase: “And That Was Just The Warmup,” shows his humor and heartfelt kindness, his sense of gesture and playful, safe-flirty fun with his legions of (mostly female) fans. The current dual citizen of both LA and ATL, and native of Cleveland, has become an international sensation and traveled the world over: Lagos, London, Hong Kong, Kuwait, to name a few locales, as well as “everywhere in America. I’ve been to every state,” he says.

KTX On The Run Tours are what he calls his mostly-weekenders, where he goes here or there for a highly anticipated and always well attended multi-day appearance. While he also blasts out Zoom classes, in the age of the global pandemic, four times a day, Monday-Sunday. His exuberance is what I found so intriguing, what drew me to want to write about him. I just liked him immediately.

“CNN nominated me for the most motivational trainer. I was on the Queen Latifah Show and have had lots of local news media coverage. I was even in the LA Times,” the fitness guru states matter-of-factly, rather than with any perceptible egoic bragging.  “Energy – like you said before – that’s all it is. I started this style of cycling, with the arm movements and dancing on the bike. Now, everyone has borrowed my style, and that’s fine because my energy can not be duplicated.”

When I asked him: “What makes it fun?” he smiled broadly, then said: “A group of people who want to be free and just let it all out on the bike and party. And they just leave it all on the bike and go back to their normal lives.”

You too can tap into this energized workout fun by emailing: KTXFITNESS@gmail.com. He’s @KTXFITNESS on Instagram, KTXFITNESS on Facebook and @ktxfitness on Twitter. Since we first met, he has also started an already popular YouTube channel: KTXFITNESS.