RE: invent & Silver Stone Press Presents 2

(two-books-in-one at Silver Stone Press)

“RE: invent”

~Harriette Austin Award winner Han Vance returns, with a philosophical and poetic odyssey structurally based on (any) Pink Floyd concept album – this concept-album-as-book artfully deep dives into the very nature of self-invention and aspirational reinvention.

In RE: invent, the creator is turning 49 and contemplating 50, while delving into memories of his former self at 24, turning-25-soon. A literary critic said, “It’s so good! A very unique read,” of this entertaining 5th book by the founding editor of American Culture Reporter and author of cult classic travel narrative Golden State Misadventures.

RE: invent (2019) launched at Posman Books, Ponce City Market of Atlanta and was supported by a seven-venue tour, culminating with Vance headlining the fabled Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan of NYC in late August for a full-length spoken word show; Justin “Rico” Boria: VP of content/tour mgr. Also, there’s a neat bonus intermezzo poem included by Ripley Keller of Athens, Ga. Cover art by Mike Tom.

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“Silver Stone Press Presents 2” (“SSP2”)

~This second multi-poet compilation published by Silver Stone Press is also the second such book to feature heartbroken-but-inspirational rocker/poet Tom Cheshire (resident of BKLYN, of NYC). Here, along with six other Atlanta-influenced poets (Cheshire lived in the ATL for years and is a frequent artistic contributor in the capital of the South). Audiences are immersed in one long day in the life of an indie rock star, as the frontman of bands All Night Drug Prowling Wolves and West End Motel (with guitarist/singer Brent Hinds of Mastodon), fully lives interesting adventures.

Multi-published poet and poetry teacher Laura Carter becomes the first female to be published by Silver Stone Press, with her intense, soulful, thought-provoking contributions to SSP2. While the poet recognized for many years by Creative Loafing as the best poet in Atlanta, Mikel K joins the SSP team, fresh off yet another critically-acclaimed solo book.

Dr. Joey Vance of Salem, Oregon, cameos. He’s back in print, finally: two successful early-years, full-length books he wrote had gone out of print. …Look for a forthcoming full compilation.

Charles Pittard and Peter Roets debut as poets in published books, as well, two artistic multi-hyphenates known for their various quality works. Pittard is a showing visual artist of note and award-winning screenwriter; Roets is the frontman of prolific “timeless music” act Spectralux.

Full-color cover art by Mike Tom. Get it with a free copy of “RE: invent” today at:

(Tom Cheshire in East Atlanta, by Han Vance)