Hearty Cheers to Tom Cheshire Band

Han Vance on American music:
I was there as Tom Cheshire Band rocked the Earl in East Atlanta Village on a Thursday night.

His accompaniment…

…rolled deep…

…into the EAV night…

…they knew him so well…

And it showed in a great set.

So late spring so Deep South, a sizzling heatwave had seen it hit triple digits before first opening act the Meeks Family sang, “one more black coffee,” over an ethereal ambient jangle, shortly after I’d hugged the neck of a veritable saint. The Keroucian on the motherfucking road version of the term.

The West End Motel and occasional All Night Drug Prowling Wolves and once Rent Boys frontman is a native of Queens, NYC, with deep ties to ATL. He also has his poetry published at Silver Stone Press (www.silverstonepress.com), who likewise published all of my five to-date book titles. When I last wrote of him, of home, we’d crawled out of a down on Ponce gutter together, and we’d performed our work out together from Star Bar and Criminal Records in Little Five Points, all the way to on the Bowery in Manhattan, at Bowery Poetry Club.

TChesh grew up in Queens and lived in BKLYN, ATL – where his bands are all based out of, Philly and San Diego, bro. He’s a true New Yorker, but Atlanta is always an erstwhile or actual home to Tom no matter where he roams or, like, hangs his hat. Nomadic peoples, these rockers.

Then, the keys of second opening act Candy Coffins add a Peter Murphy-ish echoing depth, as reminiscences of my well spent, long late-youth linger longer. I feel an almost young energy when Tom Cheshire is around, so I hug him again a couch over from where I’d plopped down.

The Earl: East Atlanta Restaurant and Lounge, convenient to be at a spot I select to eat at, on occasion, having a margarita side of Grandma and a sandwich up front and then a good music show, in back. I’ve seen a lot of good shows here.

May a sea of tall PBR cans carry you away or may you be okay with nothing today. I’m having a few, as Candy Coffins closes. Counting my blessings like one may count [possible] years left. I count Tom twice, tonight.

Third act Uneven Lanes have that power trio mojo you come to expect, and it’s dually an album release event for them, so they bring it hard.

When will all this end? (he worries/wonders)…then She’s on Fire, the classic Tom Cheshire is a badass poet song. Now we’re on fire. FI-YER we’re on fire. 

We all need forgiveness, Tom intones.

That Tom isn’t world famous yet is an utter indictment on fame in America.

He ends, as I’ve seen him do before:

This is Rock n Roll

And it’s my life

And I’m going to do it

Till I die