Vaxed at the Dome

Han Vance on American Culture: As editor-in-chief of American Culture Reporter I felt like it was important for me to share that I’ve had my first vaccination shot, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. I’m getting the second dose of the COVID vaccine on 4/14.

We won’t ever be talking damn political polarity here at American Culture Reporter and feel deeply saddened that so many were persuaded-to-brainwashed into us-versus-them rhetoric and vile hatred, instead of truly loving mankind and living fuller lives in unison. Some domestic cultural movements are not worthy of our reporting. The vaccine to stop the global pandemic is not a political position: it’s simply the right thing to do.

I’m against medicine in many cases, against the many misuses, and I dislike the culture of ingesting anything just because a medical doctor sold it you. The side effects of prescribed drugs are often as bad or worse than the ailments they are stated to help cure or alleviate the symptoms of or somewhat fix. The somehow accepted culture of rushing to get myriad surgeries is nothing short of a disgusting and wrong buy-in to their big money racket in this nation. I even strongly oppose standard flu shots, which have low efficacy and are, in my opinion, accepting unnecessary toxins into the body.

I was raised to eat right, sleep enough and exercise to live well. That’s what works best.

But this is not a normal situation. Get the vaccine.